Do you feel your addiction is affecting your life more than you would like it to?   

Are you sincerely ready to move on and leave your addiction behind you?

If so, Costa can help you.


Nobody in life sets out to have an addiction. However once it takes hold, it can be incredibly difficult to break.

Costa understands how despite your desire to stop your addictive behaviour, you can sometimes feel overpowered by a compulsive urge to continue, despite the foreseeable consequences.

Addictions often start because we want to block an unpleasant emotion that we have experienced. It might have been boredom, stress, anxiety, loneliness, anger or fear. The behaviour or substance you used in order to change or suppress your emotions may have given you a great temporary relief.

Over time, however, the repetition of the behaviour or use of the substance that once relieved the situation, becomes both a firmly ingrained habit and a psychological dependence which can feel impossible to break.

The great news is that although addictions can feel that they are physical, most are largely psychological, which is why hypnotherapy can be such a powerful and successful technique in removing them. By harnessing your subconscious mind, it is possible to “reprogramme” your mind to change and move forward.


Costa has successfully treated a wide range of addictions and can help you if are suffering with an addiction to any of the following:

Fortunately, the part of the brain that relates to addiction and causes you to crave certain substances or repeat behaviours is also highly receptive to hypnotic suggestions. 

Through hypnosis, Costa will induce a state of deep relaxation and by giving powerful suggestions to your subconscious mind, help you switch off your addictive compulsions.

By gently convincing your mind to accept new beliefs you will be able to change your habitual patterns and eliminate your addiction.

The result?

You will be free from any desire to continue your addiction and feel much more positive and in control of your life.


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