Confidence & self-esteem therapy


Do you have feelings of low-esteem?  

Perhaps you find yourself doubting that you are “good enough” and feel that other people are “better” than you, or judging you?

Or maybe, despite having achieved your personal or professional goals, you have feelings of being a “fraud” and that one day you will be “found out”?

Perhaps you find it difficult to believe that other people value and respect you?

Do you suffer from depression, feelings of underachievement, unfulfilling relationships or a general feeling of worthlessness?


If you are seeking more confidence in yourself and in your relationships and a release from self-doubts, then therapy can help you.

Costa believes that feelings of low self-esteem usually originate in our childhood.  The messages that we received from our parents when we were children create attitudes and beliefs that shape how we feel about ourselves as adults.

We all need positive validation throughout our lives. If we were raised with nurturing, loving parents, we probably received affirmations which helped us to know that we are worthwhile and entitled to receive affection. It helped us to conclude that life is meaningful and that people are to be trusted.

If we were raised with parents who were negative, critical, unaffectionate or abusive, we come to believe that life is threatening and chaotic, and that we are undeserving of happiness.

Unfortunately, negative childhood judgments don't disappear. They remain as dynamic forces that can damage our self-esteem as adults and affect the way we respond to life and its challenges.

Costa’s conviction that every human being has the right to be happy and to feel good about themselves, led to him devising and pioneering a new therapy in the UK 27 years ago.

“Inner Child Therapy” centres around treating the difficult emotional memories that are stored in both the conscious and subconscious mind from the early years and adolescence. It is essentially a very powerful therapy utilising hypnotherapy and cognitive analysis to reverse negative conditioning to heal difficult childhood experiences. 

Costa has used his therapy to transform the lives of hundreds of people and has taught and trained hypnotherapists and psychotherapists around the world to use this modality.

With increased self-esteem and love for oneself, recipients of this therapy are able to attract more positive relationships and outcomes into their life and feel worthy of enjoying all the good things in life.

If you feel that you suffer from low self-esteem, Costa will enable you to transform your belief systems and replace any negative thought patterns with much more positive ones, helping you to make lasting and more positive changes in your life.

If you think that you could benefit from a programme of therapy and would like to have a confidential discussion about your situation, contact Costa.

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