Corporate training


How’s business? Would you like to boost employee morale, increase motivation and have a happy and productive workforce? Whether you are the CEO of a large business or a manager leading a smaller team, Costa can help.

With 26 years of experience, Costa is a highly experienced trainer who has helped and inspired people to be their “best” at work.


Costa can help you to:

- Enable your employees to feel motivated and happy
- Increase loyalty and productivity
- Create a positive team spirit
- Align personal objectives with corporate vision
- Empower employees to realise their potential

Costa provides a range of self-development seminars in:

Costa’s sessions use relaxation and visualisation techniques to help employees to realise their goals.

The seminars, which are usually a half day, can be delivered in your offices or held at The Greenhouse, MediaCityUK.

Costa can also tailor-make bespoke seminars or training events designed to fit your specific needs.

Positive thinking & self-esteem


Positive thinking can be one of the most powerful attributes an employee can bring to an organisation. Employees with high self-esteem and a positive, “can do” attitude are known to be more productive, inspirational to their colleagues and are more capable of achieving results.

In this course you can discover the incredible power of positive self-belief and learn ways to harness the power of your subconscious mind to achieve your best at work. 

Costa will inspire you and your team to reach your potential. Through powerful visualisation and hypnosis techniques Costa will demonstrate ways to “programme” your mind to achieve greater productivity and most importantly create happy employees whose aspirations are limitless.   


Course content:

- A practical demonstration that shows how your thinking affects your health and wellbeing
- Take a self-diagnostic test to find out which areas in your life you would like to improve
- How to harness the positive power of self-belief to improve your performance and productivity at work
- How to stop negative thinking and understand its impact on business performance
- Tried and tested techniques to turn negative feelings and situations into positive outcomes

Work / life balance


Fears of redundancy, excessive work-load and the expectation to be seen to be doing long hours at work can all contribute to an imbalance in our working and personal lives. Coupled with the non-stop stream of technology which often infiltrates into our personal time, it can be hard to switch off, even when we are not in work.

If you are finding it difficult to achieve a balance in your life, then you are probably feeling under stress, which can quickly take its toll on your physical and mental health. Sleep problems, high blood pressure, depression and anxiety can all result when we are not getting the balance right. These in turn can then make you become even less productive and less efficient at work.

This course helps participants to evaluate their lives and develop strategies that enable them to focus on what matters most at work and in their personal lives.


Course Content:


- Identify key issues at work and at home that are stressful or causing you to feel that you cannot cope
- Recognise current limiting behaviours that are sabotaging success in any area of your life
- How to deal with the self-critical voice in your head that tells you that you have not achieved enough or that you are “not good enough”
- Prioritise what is ultimately important to you
- Learn how to use hypnotherapy to “programme” yourself to be a happier person in both your professional and personal life 
- Learn assertive communication skills to negotiate priorities
- Achieve much more in much less time

Human doing & human being


Do you believe that the quality of your life and your happiness, security and success depend on external factors or other people? Or are you open to the prospect that your personal journey to happiness starts inside your own mind and heart?

Would you like to discover and connect with your inner, untapped resources which each of us has, but seldom uses, so that you can live your best life?

The course, which is based on Costa’s new book, Human Doing & Human Being, will set you on your own personal journey to discover whether you are on the right track in your life or if you feel that “something” is missing.

We can all do with a boost to our self-esteem and whether you are looking to improve your relationships with others, progress in your career or just feel more confident in yourself, Costa will guide you on your journey.


Course content:

- Identify areas of your life that you would like to see positive changes in and evaluate your own self-esteem
- Learn strategies to improve your self-esteem and believe that you can be fulfilled in both your professional and personal life
- Practical demonstrations on how to cut through people's negative mind sets, thereby positively influencing all your professional and personal relationships
- A “blow your mind” visualisation session to enable you to realise your full potential
- How to develop feelings of peace and self-acceptance in your life so you can go on to be a better, happier you
- An introduction to visualisation and relaxation techniques which will help you to unwind and connect to your spiritual self
- A guided group meditation

The course includes a complimentary copy of Costa’s new book, Human Doing & Human Being, which includes six audio self-development sessions for you to improve your self-esteem and realise your potential.

Costa is also available for group and one-to-one relaxation and hypnotherapy sessions to reduce stress and improve employee wellbeing.

To find out how Costa can help you contact him on:

0161 860 4797 /