Mind-body healing


It is no secret that our mind and body are intricately linked together.   

Research on stress and emotional trauma has shown that anything which influences our minds also influences our bodies. If you are exposed to enough stress, for example, sooner or later you will see your body showing signs of strain in the form of a lowered immune system, headaches, irritable bowel symptoms, aches and pains, psoriasis and any number of other physical symptoms.

One of the principles behind mind-body healing is that the same mechanism that can make you unwell can also be used to make you well. Mind-body hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool for effectively aligning your thoughts and emotions to induce a physical recovery. Your mind can literally be trained to heal your body!

Costa uses guided imagery, visualisation, and healing through hypnosis in your treatment.  This involves using a deep relaxation of the body and the mind, and through suggestion, Costa will guide you to empower your mind to control and heal your symptoms and encourage a positive attitude towards your recovery.

There are few conditions that Costa cannot help with.  Whilst Costa cannot claim to treat and eliminate more serious conditions such as cancer or heart disease, Costa has successfully treated clients with conditions ranging from irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, psoriasis and eczema, to multiple sclerosis, ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and food allergies over the last 28 years.

Costa is able to connect you to a source of knowledge within you that sheds light on the nature of your condition.

More importantly, remedial actions are discovered that can bring about positive changes in your health almost immediately.

The result?

Through allowing your subconscious mind to take on board healing images and ideas, your body will be more effectively programmed to heal itself, restore balance, build a healthy immune system and give you confidence and control in dealing with your condition.


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