Public speaking


Does the thought of speaking in public fill you with dread and make you want to run and hide? 


Speaking in public is one of the biggest fears that people have, whether it is giving a professional presentation at work, communicating within a small group of people or standing up in front of hundreds at a conference or wedding.

For many people, the thought of speaking in public invokes a huge amount of distress and anxiety. You may feel shaky, sweaty, nauseous or feel unable to speak. These are all a natural physical reaction to a perceived “danger” and your fight or flight response sets in.


Common reasons for public speaking anxiety CAN INCLUDE:

Through hypnotherapy, Costa can work with you to dramatically increase your confidence and alter your inherent beliefs and responses about public speaking.

By utilising the power of positive suggestions and visualisations in hypnosis, you can break the cycles that create so much anxiety within you when you are faced with the prospect of communicating with others.

Costa will enable you to feel like someone who has never been afraid of communicating your message to others, and usually in just two sessions! 

The result?

A self-belief that you can approach public speaking with a new level of calmness, confidence and control.

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