Relationship with food


Do you feel that your relationship with food has become problematic?

 Do you worry about your weight and how you look?

 Are you tired of food controlling your life and fed up with the amount of time that food can occupy your mind?

 Maybe family, friends or your partner have suggested you are anorexic, bulimic or an overeater?

  Would you like to change the patterns that have become so embedded in your daily routine and your outlook in life? 


You are certainly not alone. Issues with food are surprisingly common, and affect millions of people in the UK.

Costa understands just how difficult eating issues can be. You may be experiencing feelings of hopelessness, insecurity, frustration, guilt or low self-esteem and feel that you can never break free from your current patterns.

 The most important thing is to realise is that you are not to blame. It is likely that experiences in your past will have led to the situation you find yourself in. You may have experienced problems within your family when you grew up such as a domineering parent, divorce, conflict or bereavement. Or you may have experienced the emotional loss of someone close to you.  Perhaps your situation may be linked to a feeling of low self-esteem? Or your relationship with food may be linked to a much more recent event such as a relationship break-up, problems in the work place, a new job or a move to a new town or city?

Whatever the underlying cause, hypnotherapy can be a very effective way of resolving your issues and helping you move forward in life.

Costa will gently explore with you what you feel the root cause of your issue may be and help you to identify what emotions may be associated with it.  

Through hypnotherapy, Costa can help by providing you with an increased sense of self-confidence and the knowledge that change is possible and within your power.

He will work with you to create new positive behaviours and ways of eating.

The result?

Costa will enable you to break the patterns of negative emotions around food and eating. You will have a new, healthy body image and feel ready to move forward and enjoy life. 


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