Weight loss


Have you lost count of the number of times you have tried a new diet?

Have you found that despite your initial motivation, you give up your new diet after a few days and return to your previous eating patterns?

Do you find that you eat when you are bored, stressed, depressed, anxious, or feeling low? 

Has food become a way to comfort yourself or to counter feelings of low self-worth?

Do you feel resigned to the fact that you will always be the weight you are and nothing ever changes?

Perhaps you are a man and the thought of joining a slimming class where most of the group might be women fills you with dread? One such client lost 5 stone in the year he attended for Weight Loss hypnotherapy with Costa. 


Costa understands how it feels to be fed up with your weight and how difficult it can be to overcome habitual or emotional issues with food. We often eat when we are not physically hungry, because it feels pleasurable and it can be a way to block any emotional pain we may be experiencing.

It is estimated that 95% of traditional diets fail because ultimately they do not deal with the underlying emotional issues which may be causing you to overeat or make less healthy food choices.


The great news is that hypnotherapy is a highly proven technique for changing your relationship with food, losing weight and most importantly, keeping it off in the long term.


The reason that hypnotherapy is so effective in helping you lose weight is because it addresses the causes of your overeating which are mostly in the subconscious mind – the area of the brain that hypnotherapy is so highly effective in communicating with. Through suggestions to your subconscious mind, Costa can effectively “reprogramme” your thoughts and your relationship with food so you naturally find that you make healthier food choices and feel confident and in control of food. Costa has helped dozens of people make sustainable, lasting changes in the way that they eat, without having to diet.

 Hypnosis for weight loss is safe, effective, and, most of all, it gets the weight loss results that you are looking forward to. 

The result?

You will naturally find that you make healthier food choices and make sustainable and long-lasting changes. You will feel more confident, calmer and positive about losing weight in a safe and natural way, and enjoy feeling and looking better too.


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