“The sessions I had with Costa were great. I was going through a difficult time in my life and it really helped and gave me hope for the future. I recommend his brand of therapy – thinking about it even now makes me smile, what more could you ask? He’s a class act!”
— Peter Hook, bassist, Joy Division / New Order


“I would like to express my thanks for your help with what I felt was a deep-seated problem which would take many months to resolve... Having come to you very wary of gaining any real results, I found that results came more quickly than I would have hoped”
— A.M., Oldham
“I am now a more confident, relaxed and positive person with no time for negativity and self-destructive thoughts. I can see friends noticing a change in me, especially in my whole attitude on life. I am calm and positive in their company.”
— S.M., Chorlton
“I can say that after only 2 sessions of hypnotherapy I noticed a difference in myself and other people commented on how well I looked. I tend to forget how despairing I did feel before treatment but life was certainly pointless, very stressful and one long haul. I now feel much more relaxed and happy and laugh about things that before treatment I would have found irritating.”
— K.C., Chorlton
“Thank you for your help. I never believed I could feel so different all the time, and that it would last. You have undone the “negatives” and given me permission to grow and step into areas where I should have been years ago… I never imagined feeling so good, but it all feels natural and totally acceptable.”
— P.W., Glossop

Mind-body healing

“I came to see you with a “knot” in my left shoulder blade. From my first visit to you it virtually disappeared. The years I shared with my knot seem a distant, lazy dream. While I was about it, I thought I might as well try to do something about what I suppose could be termed my “writer’s block”. Gone are the feelings of dread, the sleepless nights and the nightmares. Now, I start work immediately and can have the article finished in a day.”
— N.D., Prestwich
“I felt an unbelievable improvement in my MS symptoms after the hypnohealing session. The results were excellent. As you know I have had MS for years and have had numerous treatments (both alternative and conventional), but by far the best and most long-lasting results I have ever experienced were with you.”
— S.D., Woodford
“Thank you for the amazing healing session. If it had been someone else’s experience I would not have believed them! I feel a real benefit, particularly in my psoriasis. The “aching” in the lump area has diminished considerably and I am feeling wonderful.”
— K.G., Oldham
“Just to say thank you for the session yesterday. By the time I got home my main symptoms had gone. I will keep doing the healing recording but am very hopeful that the magic has worked again. I will also be treating myself better and watching that I don’t rush around quite so much, especially when it isn’t really necessary. If you wish to use me as a reference for anyone with dystonia, go ahead.”
— L.F., Macclesfield


“Thank you for all you did for me, especially for my fear of flying. The build-up to this year’s holiday was free from stress and anxiety, and both the flights were comfortable and enjoyable without any feelings of fear. I am also still feeling better within myself, and friends and colleagues have also noticed a difference.”
— M.C., Cadishead
“Hypnotherapy is not magic, it merely allows one to have control over a particular problem or other, and in my case, it allowed me to take control of my fears and to overcome them. The results have been incredible, and far more than I ever dared hoped for. I would recommend it not only to phobia-sufferers as I was, but indeed to everyone. In my opinion there is not one person who would not benefit from what hypnotherapy has to offer.”
— M.N., Cheadle

performance anxiety and stage fright

“Since having the course of hypnotherapy I can honestly say that I am now a totally new person when I perform. I cannot tell you what a marvellous feeling it is to walk onto the stage feeling absolutely in control, knowing that you have something special to communicate and that you can do anything you want to do. The results have been far greater than I ever dreamed they would be, and looking back now I find it hard to believe that I struggled on with a problem that was relatively simple to overcome. I would definitely recommend your hypnotherapy to any person who feels they are not fulfilling their capabilities, or could do with a confidence boost.”
— E.C., Manchester
“I had 3 hypnotherapy sessions to help improve my confidence in my driving test. After 5 attempts and failing each time I finally turned to hypnotherapy. Yes I passed theory and practical first time after hypnotherapy! I wasn’t sure that it would really work but after reflecting on my test my only concern was concentrating on my driving which was fine. Thanks, I recommend you highly.”
— W.T., Old Trafford

Sports performance

“My confidence levels were low after a scoring drought and being dropped from the first team. After just one session with Costa I was selected for the next game and scored 4 goals. I went on to score the winning goal in a Cup final at Wembley stadium and finish the season as top scorer in League and Cup. Coincidence? I don’t think so.”
— Peter Thorne, professional footballer and ex-Stoke City striker

Psychosexual issues

“When I first came to see you, because of my inability I was depressed and lacked confidence in every way. Now I’m back. The problem I had with my sex life is no more. No depression, no fear, plenty of confidence and ability thanks to you.”
— P.F., Fallowfield


“I would just like to say that with your help my son D. seems to be well on the way to recovery and we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the help and tools you have given him to achieve this. We know that there is no magic wand, but after a long time in the ‘traditional’ mental health system with virtually no progress, you seem to have given him hope that he can beat what is a serious condition which has blighted his life for so many years. Thanks for everything.”
— L.G., Leicester


“I know that Jack has messaged you already but I want to add my thanks for your help in the massive turnaround in Jack’s exam success. He has got into his first choice Uni (the whole reason that he decided to resit).

He was a different boy before his exams - he had just the right level of nerves rather than the debilitating level of nerves that he had previously. In one of his exams he improved from a grade C to being just 2 marks off an A*.

The evening before each exam he finished his final subject revision and then did his ‘Costa revision’ - listening to the recording of one of your sessions. He has worked really hard on everything and deserves this success. He has continued to use the recordings post exams for situations where he has needed his confidence boost. I have no doubt that they will be invaluable at Uni and beyond.

Thanks again for the important part that you have played in all of this.”
— H.S., Student's Mother